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Re: How to clean HQ Raws
« on: December 05, 2012, 12:57:05 pm »

16) Go to the duplicate adjustment layer and move the black to the centre of the black  peak and move the white to the right of the black peak.

17) Merge the 3 layers.
So you will have two layers again.

18) Duplicate the merged layer.

19) Filter -> Other -> High Pass (15px)
Set layer mode to soft light.
Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian blur (2.5px)
This is the high pass filter. It brings out the black lines.

20) Merge the two layers

21) Resize to 3000px height (Bicubic Smoother)

22) Dodge the page. There are a number of ways to do this, so I won't discuss it here.

23) Level (bring the gray slider to 1.1)
This step is just a personal preference I take. No need to do it. I use it for the darker patterns where I'm afraid that when I burn the page, the patterns might be destroyed. This slight lightening of the grays, makes the chances of destroyed patterns less and has proved rather effective to me.

24) Burn the page. Likewise with the dodge.

24b) [Extra] If you feel you need to 'return' the levelling done in step 23 back to what it was. Level the gray slider to 0.9. This won't level it to exactly what it was... but it's a close imitation.

25) Resize to 1400px height or 1600px height (resolution 72 pixels/inch)
This depends on the group you are in. In THS you will make it 1600px.
Some groups bring it down to 1200px but this ruins the patterns so I'm not fond of it.

26) Topaz Denoise
JPEG - light automate. THIS TIME! You will halve the the overall strength that has been

27) Image -> canvas size
relative[check] ; color: white ; pixel: W=100 H=100

This step is to provide extra space around the page for the Clean plugin which doesn't clean the edges, and thus makes sure that every part of the page is cleaned.

28) Topaz Clean
strengh : 1
threshold : 1,06
radius : 25
accent : 1
radius : 0,70
sharpness : 1,00
texture : 1,00
boost : 1,00
size : 1,00
These are my usual settings but sometimes do need adjusting. You choose.

Crop the white that was added. (I go back into Canvas size and make it -100 in both)

29) Topaz Denoise
JPEG- light automate. Bring overall strength down to between 0.4 - 0.5

30) Filter -> Other -> High Pass (2px)
Set layer mode to soft light.
Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian blur (1px)
Another high pass filter.

31) Merge layers

32) Duplicate layer

33) Filter -> Stylize -> Diffuse -> Anisotropic
Set to 20-35% opacity (30% should usually be fine)
This is a based on the diffuse filter with a small variation.
It's to smooth out the pattern a little as the page is likely sharp.

34) Merge layers

35) Set the page mode to grayscale

36) Name the cleaned layer to Primary
Duplicate this layer and name remove text.
Create adjustment layer.

Primary is your clean in case you make a mistake in remove text.
Remove text is where you make all the final touches with the page. Such as making sure everything is properly burned/ dodged, text is removed.

Here is the raw:

Result using the method:

Thanx for viewing this tutorial. I hope it was insightful and helpful to you.


-more tutorials to follow-
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