Author Topic: General Rules for ALL APPLICATIONS  (Read 481 times)

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General Rules for ALL APPLICATIONS
« on: October 08, 2012, 09:13:47 pm »
In addition to the requirements in each of the staff positions, we have some general rules which we'd like to enforce on every prospective staff member. Most of these rules are really logical and will more than likely be mentioned in some other nooks and crannies in our forum. But to save the effort of having to say it again each and every time, we're gonna make it plain and clear to you here.

  • We want and need help. But we want people we can trust. If you get the position and 'poof' without notifying the admin in advance, you will be removed from staff status and I'll personally find some way in showing you some real HELL(trust me, I will)
  • We've no need for obnoxious people. You may be the best TSer, CLer, PRer or TLer but I don't care. You have stuff you're good at and other people have stuff they are BETTER at. So treat each other with respect and if there's a complain, you calmly solve it between yourself and the person with whom you have a complaint, or with the admin. If things get out of hand, we're not gonna allow you to leave voluntarily, you're just out... and that's it.
  • No trolls. Absolutely none. I'm clearly aware that there are many scan groups and fan-subbers (we don't fan-sub) that have trolls. We're a group that wants to produce excellent quality so trolls will obviously never be tolerated.
  • As I have just said, excellent quality is what we want. So we want people who are willing to spend their time every week in working diligently.
  • Keep to your own work and do not do someone else's work for them. If we need someone to fill in, you may volunteer, but the admin will have the final say.
  • No excuses for not doing work. If you don't think you'll manage in the time allotted to you, you need to notify and negotiate things with admin in advance. Notifying us afterwards is just sloppy and tells us that you aren't fit in being our slaves.

If you think you can adhere to all those rules, please apply. They are not difficult rules to follow. So good luck in applying and I look forward to whipping working with you.

Also if the link to the test is broken/ has not been made yet, please PM both or either admin and we'll give one to you.

And here is the layout in which we will be expecting your test application in:

<Position you are applying for> Application -username-

Age or age group (10-15, 15-17, 18+):
Time Zone:
Groups you are associated with and how:
Experience in position:
Project you wish to do:
Software you have:

Link to test:

Have you read the rules and will you follow them?: Yes/No
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Re: General Rules for ALL APPLICATIONS
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2012, 05:03:07 pm »
Wish I could apply just so I could check "No" for the "follow the rules" part. >___> 

-not a troll-  <___<

I'm a bad slave. Feel free to delete this post. XD
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