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Cleaner position ~
« on: September 09, 2012, 04:59:26 pm »
Hi there, if you are willing help, this position has a few requirements so think about properly before deciding to apply for it.
  • knowledge of photoshop is required, this means, if you really want to be a CL'er and have no idea of photoshop please do all the tutorials you want and practice on your own before trying to take the test.Check our tutorial thread to see if you can find anything of help there. If asked without demanding, I can help teach a few tips and tricks for CL'ing manga, however I'm not gonna explain the basis of PS
  • Experience on scanlating manga is more than welcome, however is not required, we can teach that
  • Read manga, yes, I know this might sound stupid, but the best way to be able to CL manga properly is trying to spot cleaning mistakes when reading manga, then you realize how manga looks better when cleaning.
  • Things required to be able to become a cleaner:
    • Be able to level, (using an adjustment level layer)
    • Be able to remove dust
    • Straighten and crop images
    • Merging double spreads
    • Redrawing: This is not mandatory, however a minimal redrawing and cloning is needed, the rest, you can learn on the go or be taught by us
Additional rules:

Download the Cleaner test
Follow instructions inside and PM it to Usha. Test can also be sent to

Questions may be asked here, however, do not post any pages of your test here
Good luck ~

PS: If you are willing to become an editor, you will need to pass both Cleaner and Typesetter test.
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