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Translator position ~
« on: September 09, 2012, 04:24:34 pm »
Welcome, prospective guest.
It seems like you are interested in applying as Translator.

The Translator is the person who translates all the japanese text in the manga.
This requires you to be proficient in both japanese AND english.
Japanese so that you can understand the language and english so that you can provide good translations.
(For people who are interested in the position but not willing to put in any effort... please feel free to apply elsewhere)

As a Translator in Twisted Hel, you are given the privileges of:
Being part of the staff
Getting small recognition for your efforts
And reading the manga before the general public

In return we expect:
Good work done in an efficient amount of time
And dedication to your work

Requirements: Proficient in Japanese and English

Additional Rules:

PM Usha or Morbid_Charade and a test will be provided for you to translate.

Once you've finished your test PM it to Morbid_Charade.

Ask if you have any question and good luck ~

Please do not post your test here.
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